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A New Mayor for Minnetrista 2020

Who I am

I’ve lived in Minnetrista for over 17 years raising a family, working and volunteering in our community, schools and churches, and have spent the last 3 years serving as a Minnetrista city council member. Minnetrista is my home and I care deeply about the people here. 

I believe, as our founders did, that the role of elected representatives is to provide oversight and checks and balances on the power of unelected influences (administrative bureaucracies, associations, political groups, vendors) in government policy making. Without vigilant oversight these organizations historically tend to further their own interests as opposed to the interests of the taxpayers that finance them. That doesn’t mean bureaucrats, associations or vendors are bad, it just means that groups behave according to their self-interests and it is important to have a mayor who understands that. As your mayor I will address the inevitable conflicts of interest that arise and will always put the interests of our residents-at-large ahead of special interests or loud, vocal factions. 

My Goals

I will refocus city government on its core responsibilities: public safety, roads, infrastructure, and zoning. Our residents are our customers and our top priority. They will be treated that way. I will also bring healthy competition to our infrastructure projects to ensure the city isn't paying more than it should and will make sure we have in-house expertise to hold vendors accountable. 

My Background

My background as a business entrepreneur and government affairs specialist, combined with a degree in political science and graduate studies in public administration give me a foundation from which to make solid decisions. As a Minnetrista city council member for the last three years I’ve also served as a council liaison on a number of city commissions and understand the many policy issues coming our way concerning growth, public safety, infrastructure, environment, and planning. 

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